Social Media Marketing and Management

Building Trust and engagement with the brand with the community

Customers actively take participation in different social medias for distinct requirements. 

We assist the client to build accounts and pages in social media and digital market place for the business according to its congruency. 

We plan the marketing campaign for the business clients and also assist them with social media platform management service. Social media platforms we manage includes Facebook, Instagram, Threads, X, YouTube, LinkdIn.

Management of social media service includes replying the responding to the social media inter

Improving to the social interactions through social media, Improve engagement and buld solid relation with the clients by responding to the messages, engaging with other social groups and channels.

Facebook and Instagram Handline (Post and story update and improve social media engagement)

Post Conceptualization and Post Design (It includes the understanding of branding, perceived value and its impact to target customer group and the message)

Ad Campaign Management (Management of campaigns where budget is allocated to run ads over social media)

Budget Allocation (Ad Budget allocated over different time interval and campaign)

Ad Design, Monitoring and Optimization (Ensuring the campaign meets its objectives and optimized if needed, the reports to be generated and campaign objectives are assured.)

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